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Interesting projects, or not. The projects described here range from one night ideas turned into code to life-long endeavours. Click on one of the projects to view the details.Most of them contain something downloadable that lets you play around with it.</p><p>Note that most projects are not open source. I supply the source, grant you the right to play around with the source, but I keep all rights, until somebody comes up with an improvement. If I receive the improvement, I'll release the source code.

Visited Countries

One of my classical projects now in a slightly different packaging. Now supports both States and Countries.

Google Chat Bot

Ever wondered what Google would say if it could talk? Wonder no more. Enter three or four words and Google will finish your thoughts by searching for what comes next after these words.

Google Ransom Note

Pretty much based on Visual Poetry, but instead of translating words into images, here we translate letters into images by searching on image search for [letter x] and then picking a letter from the first 5 results.

Word Color

WordColor uses an image search to fetch the top 8 results and then calculates the average color of those images to give you an idea which colors are associated with with which word.

Visual Poetry

Poetry is supposed to project images in your mind. VisualPoetry translates any text into a series of images by looking up the words on Google image search and show the results as a visual poem.

Travel Belt

The Triposo travel belt is an implementation of an old idea of mine to give people a sense of direction by adding little buzzers to a belt that are connected to a device that knows about locations, in this case a smart phone. Every time you need to turn in a certain direction, the buzzer in that direction will go off and you can move around time without having to look at your phone.

Ballooning with Android

A second attempt to use a ballon to take pictures from above. But this we just let the balloon go and rely on the GPS of an attached android cell phone to find it back later.


The Archean project explores self organization by multiplying the six dimensional strings in a matrix world with a transformation matrix, a little like Conway's game of life, but then in full color. From a random pattern something more ordered emerges. Different every time!

Twitter Bot

This project uses the twitter api to automatically generate tweets based on what is commonly tweeted. It listens to the general tweetstream and captures fragments. By randomly recombining those fragments something that reads almost like real tweets appears. It also gives an interesting insight into what the average user uses twitter for


Google Date lets you enter a date and then searches using Google for what happened on that date and shows three results. Since Google isn't very good at sorting documents for relevance when it comes to dates, it usually doesn't give you a list of big events, but of the things happening in the lives of random people.


Land Geist is a combination of Googles Zeit Geist, Google Mind Share and Visited Countries. For keywords like 'war', 'poverty', 'party', this project shows which country (names) have the highest relative scores (google shares).

Auto Poster

Simple web app that let's you design motivational or demotivational posters.

Mapped Web

Physical distances are not the same as psychological distances. Physical distances are easy enough to measure, but how do we go about measuring psychological distances? The Mapped Web does this by taking the chance that given a page contains the name of one country it will also contain the name of another country as a measure for psychological distance. The resulting images show us how close countries are to each other in psychological terms.

Movies from a balloon

Amazing movies taken using a digital camera that was taken up into the air with a couple helium balloons. The movies show the vondelpark and the rijksmuseum from 50 meter or so.


Worldsizer shows the major parts of the world on a map sized according to their GDP, Population, Military spending etc.

Caerfai Chemical Simulation

Caerfai is a first attempt at simulating chemical reactions. The model is much too simple to be useful, but it gives some nice images and animations. Source is included and offers a nice starting point for similar endevours..


Vendian is an a-life simulation. Every creature runs a BASIC-like program and the program evolves. The best program wins. You can write your own programs or see evolution work.


There is a monkey hitting a typewriter at random. He is only hitting letters and that the chance for each letter to get hit is equal. Do you have to wait on average longer, the same or shorter before the monkey will have typed 'abracadabra' or 'abcdefghijk' (i.e. a string with an equal amount of characters)? Let's find out.

Eddie the DJ

Eddie lets you manage your music on your computer by voice commands. Source in Delphi and Python included.

Sea Level Rise

A little program that allows you to see what would happen to the coastline of europe with the sea at a certain level.

Triposo Travelhacks

Triposo is an experiment about travel hacks. There is a lot of travel information out there and in a similar way that Google hacks shows you what you can do with the Google data, this shows what you can do with travel data.

Fridge Poetry

Fridge poetry simulates having a bunch of magnetic words that you can put on your fridge to create poems.

Ant Arena

Ant Arena is a simulation of multiple ant colonies. Each colony is controlled by a script written in one of the Windows Scripting Host languages, such as VBScript, JScript or PythonScript. The most efficient script wins.

Google Protocol

Google Protocol is a simple windows program that installs google:// as a pseudo protocol system wide.

Google Position

GooglePos is a small python script that uses the google api to find out what position your website has for a certain keyword (or set of). How do I score for Google Hacks?

CIA Grep in Python

This project is just a quick python script that parses the CIA world factbook, searches for a specific property, like population, and prints this property for all countries in the database.

Chinese Radicals

Chinese Radicals is a simple program that teaches the user in an interactive way the 215 radicals used in Simplified Chinese. Based on the theory that you learn first the radicals and then the rest.


One of my better alife programs. Cambrium shows creatures crawling around the screen in search for food. The creatures are controled by a neural network and assembled out of parts.

Google Battle

Google Battle measures which of two terms has a higher Google rating by searching for term1 OR term2 and then counting the hits of either in the returned top 100..

Google Share

Implementation of Google Share, as come up with by Steven Berlin Johnson. Type a domain (ie. Beatles), and some Items (John, Paul, Ringo, George) and you get a list of their relative popularity within that domain.

Canned laughter

Canned laughter box is a small executable consisting of one button that when clicks, plays a laughter sound. The idea is that you can install this program and anytime somebody tells a joke, press the button. In comedies they use canned laughter to make jokes seem funnier. Why not in real life.

The Next President

Who will be the next president of the United States? Use this interactive map to move states from the democract colum and back.

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