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Caerfai Chemical Simulation

Caerfai is a first attempt at simulating chemical reactions. The model is much too simple to be useful, but it gives some nice images and animations. Source is included and offers a nice starting point for similar endevours.

Metaminine, Two water, amonium and a weird radical

Every atom in the simulation is a moving ball which bounces on other atoms and the edges of the window. Atoms can bind to each other, similar to how things work in reality. We'll start out with just radicals and build molecules from there. In reality, this is pretty much where it stops, but I break up the molecules everytime they bounce, in order to create more interesting structures. Less chemical, but more fun.

Breaking up the molecules when in reality they would break, would complicate the program a lot beyond the current few hundred lines and anyway, the reaction would occur almost never, as it happens in reality (but there the molecules go so fast that it seems quite quickly, especially if your sleeves have gotten on fire)

Source code is included and I'll release the code as open source as soon as anybody sends me an improvement.

downloadable files: Source and executable ready to run.

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