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Chinese Radicals

Learning Chinese is hard, they say, but it is made easy with the Douwe Osinga's learn to read Chinese method, to be downloaded for free from here. Chinese Radicals is a simple program that teaches the user in an interactive way the 215 radicals used in Simplified Chinese.

I think learning Chinese is hard, but only learning to read it, should be a lot simpler. Pronounciation and learning words is just hard for people from completely different languages. However, learning the meaning of the Chinese characters should be relatively simple, especially if you forego how to write them.

If you download the zip file below and unzip the contents to a directory, you can start the executable and it will start training you on the radicals immediately. Under the hood in will keep a set of 30 or so characters it is working on for you. If you know a radical directly, i.e. by typing it, you get one point. If you don't know the radical at first, you can press the go button without entering anything and you get a multiple choice. If you get the right one here, you get zero points. If you don't get it right you get -1 points. The points are added to your score for this radical. As soon as you have three points, the radical is thrown out of the current active set and replaced with a random new one.

Have fun and let me know if this makes any sense to you.

downloadable files: Unzip this file to get started

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