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Land Geist is a combination of Googles Zeit Geist, Google Mind Share and Visited Countries. For keywords like 'war', 'poverty', 'party', this project shows which country (names) have the highest relative scores (google shares). I.e. 35% of all pages with the word Iraq on them, also contain the word War, making Iraq leader for war, just after Afghanistan and North-Korea. The axis of evil appear therefore in red.

When I originally created this project in 2004, I did the calculations offline using a little python program and then used my own mapping thing to display the results. This of course has the drawback that it only works for keywords that I had thought of. Visitors could put in requests, but that's not really fun.

APIs have improved however; you can now use the ajax search API to get search results right from your javascript in your page and use the charting API to display the result. So now after you enter a keyword, your browser fetches the counts from Google one by one, meanwhile updating the map.

Enter a word below in the box and see the relative google share of various countries looked up while you wait:


If you play around with it, you notice that there are some times unexpected results. China scores very well on tea, but so does Afghanistan and the United Kingdom or India hardly register. I don't know why. The Ajax API seems to return different search counts from the normal Google search and they seem sometimes less reliable.

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