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Travel Belt

The Triposo travel belt is an implementation of an old idea of mine to give people a sense of direction by adding little buzzers to a belt that are connected to a device that knows about locations, in this case a smart phone. Every time you need to turn in a certain direction, the buzzer in that direction will go off and you can move around time without having to look at your phone.

The project was a nice illustration of how even individuals can use the international supply chain of the world economy. Based on some pub-based brainstorming we put a request for quotes on Elance for a prototype. After a week we selected an Indian company who after a bit of back and forth about the components to use etc, build a first version with which we shot the video below.

The next planned step was to post the project on Kickstarter, but unfortunately at the time they didn't take non-US customers, so we ended up using Indigo. It generated a bunch of press, but fell short of our funding goal with only 60 people pre-ordering it, so we never went to production. Still it was a great experiment.

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