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Visual Poetry

Poetry is supposed to project images in your mind. VisualPoetry translates any text into a series of images by looking up the words on Google image search and projecting the most relevant results as a slide show.

You can use it to view your favourite poem as a series of images from the Internet to amuse yourself or you let other people guess which sentence or poem is displayed. Or you can just marvel at the weird pictures streaming from the Internet to your computer.

You can either use the form below to directly try the program. You will then get the pictures/words in a list of boxes. This works fastest, but is visually not as nice as the stand alone program. You can download the program including the source

The program was originally written in Delphi using a httpget component I found somewhere. You can find the source of the thing below, as well as the executable, but it might not work any more :-)

The version you see online is using the Google Image Search API. You can peek at the source by pressing Ctrl-U

Enter a sentence to be translated into images:

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